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Towards a desirable energy mix for Europe

The independent tripartite High Level Group on Clean Energies and Supply Security met on 30 November 2023 to brainstorm on practical policy solutions to support the energy transition in the runup to 2030. Building on existing examples, special emphasis was given to technology neutrality and its potential to drive decarbonisation from a market perspective, the energy trilemma and key issues that need attention from policy makers, and the need for more public-private cooperation in decarbonisation efforts.

All-in-all, members of the group highlighted that a new narrative focusing on long-term security of supply should underpin Europe’s decarbonisation efforts, instead of the other way around. Also, to render the EU’s energy system future-proof, issues such as access to critical raw materials as well as the physical and cyber protection of energy infrastructures need to be taken more seriously in light of recent developments. Finally, members suggested the EU should prioritise effective policy implementation and coherence over constant policy creation. Technology neutrality should be the driver behind this.  

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