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The group will work on the future of citizenship in Europe. It has two driving forces. At the one hand, the need to design a concept of citizenship which includes both the existing local and the traditional national adherence of people, but also the realities of the Single Market and of the EU. At the other hand, the current global context, which sees a rising number of refugees and migrants, estimated at over 60 million people by the UN, requires a fresh look at the 19th concept of citizenship. It needs to be brought in line with new realities and take into account the effects of a digitalised economy, of multiple forms of migration, of territorial and networked identities, and explore more inclusive forms of citizenship. Europe’s shared values should be the basis for a more innovative concept and for policy and regulatory adaptations.

The following people, from the European and national public sector, from corporations and from academia, gave their time and expertise to the work on citizenship innovation management:


Download: HLG Citizenship Innovation Members List

The HLG has its own research team, which prepares and follows-up meetings:


  • Stefan Schepers - Secretary General

  • Jacobo Truan - Research Fellow

  • Adam Sebesta - Research Fellow

  • Thomas Tugler - Research Fellow

  • Anna-Lena Bartz - Research Assistant


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