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Report - Roadmap towards an Effective, Fair & Equitable African-European Partnership - Jan. 2022

It is widely agreed that an effective, equal and fair Partnership between the countries of Africa and Europe, their businesses and civic societies, would be very much in their mutual interest.

This report by a joint, independent and tripartite group of experts offers concrete ideas for a new strategic vision and for a roadmap to achieve it. We focus on the economy, because eradicating poverty and increasing employment opportunities is the best way to create prospects for young people, to bring peace and stability and to avoid a knowledge and entrepreneurial drain.

People hope that the Summit will offer civic and economic actors a comprehensive, coherent and truly innovative framework for collaboration, free of Euro-centrist thinking. But it must be elaborated in common to reflect a true partnership. Both the AU and EU, and their member states, should ensure they have sufficient capacity for coherent implementation.

Our report builds on the more extensive report of September 2021 and on the Conclusions of the Joint Ministerial Conference in Kigali in October 2021.


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