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Report & Recommendations following the meeting on 17 May 2022

Towards an Updated Concept of European Citizenship

The tripartite, independent High Level Group on Citizenship Innovation held its 4th meeting on 17th May 2022. Its purpose is to ‘think outside-the-box’ on how to innovate citizenship in the EU, as task given to these temporary think tanks, set up following an initiative in the Competitiveness Council.

The EU needs an additional concept, that of ‘Unionship’, distinct from the current Citizens of the Union concept reserved for citizens of the member states. The prime objective is to attract talented and entrepreneurial people.

It should be open to people from third countries who are legally long-term residents or who want to become so. This follows the same logic as the civic rights attributed under the Temporary Protection Directive, whose application is a useful precedent. It will improve the current Blue Card system.

A pathway to acquire Unionship should be set out with clear common criteria and procedures, and with the necessary safeguards. Digitalization makes it manageable.


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