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Navigating Interdependency: the EU's multilateral role in changing global dynamics

During its 13th meeting, chaired by executive director of the HLGs, Stefan Schepers, at the request of the chairman, Mr John Bruton, the independent tripartite high level group on Trade Policy Innovation continued its role as a laboratory for EU policy innovation. This role was given to it by the Competitiveness Council Presidency in 2011, aiming at improving inclusive innovation by thinking “outside the box”. Members are a diverse group of experts from the public, private, and academic sector, brainstorming together according to the Socratic dialogue method, in order to reach operable ideas.

This time their brainstorming would focus on the role of the EU as a multilateral actor in the US – Europe – China triangle as well as in the WTO reform process.

Report & Recommendations HLG Trade Innovation Mtg July 2023
Download PDF • 224KB


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