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Updating EU steering for new challenges - Final report

During its meetings, chaired by Nout Wellink, the independent tripartite high level group on Governance Innovation continued its role as a laboratory for EU policy innovation. This role was given to it by the Competitiveness Council Presidency in 2011.It aimed at more ‘inclusive innovation’ through ‘thinking outside the box’. Members are a diverse group of experts from the public, private, and academic sector, brainstorming together according to the Socratic dialogue method, in order to reach operable ideas. This project was carried out as a joint venture with the European Policy Centre (EPC) in Brussels.

The main four areas of discussion, introduced by the Chairman and based on the discussion papers were:

(1) Providing common public goods – how to define and frame them?

(2) Strategic anticipation – how should we act?

(3) Organization – how to improve executive capacities?

(4) Working methods – how to act effectively and efficiently?

The final report below reflects these discussions and the key findings.

FINAL REPORT High Level Group on Governance Innovation September 2023
Download PDF • 300KB


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