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Building a Sustainable Food System: addressing Nutrition, Circular Practices, and Soil Health

During its meeting on 11 May 2023, the independent tripartite High Level Group on Biosphere Economy Innovation continued brainstorming on how to transform the current food system into a sustainable food system.

Please find some highlights of Meeting below:

  • Regenerative agriculture presents opportunities for businesses to drive progress in sustainable food systems. It also emphasizes the importance of soil health, promoting practices that enhance soil fertility, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration.

  • Addressing the complexities of sustainability, nutrition, and market frameworks requires a holistic approach, including transitioning to circular food systems, creating supportive market frameworks, and fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors.

  • The future of global sustainable food system production faces major challenges when Asian and African countries become less vegan, highlighting the importance of finding sustainable solutions and promoting awareness of the environmental consequences of dietary choices.

  • To achieve the afore mentioned objectives, it is critical to engage and involve farmers in the process. It is important to identify trustworthy sources of information and ensure that the guidance provided through these channels promotes sustainable practices.

  • Collaborative efforts between governments, businesses, and communities are essential in developing and implementing strategies that prioritize sustainability and reduce the footprint of food production, ensuring a more sustainable future for all regions of the world.


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