centre condorcet

Centre Condorcet is a think-tank specifically established to serve as the platform
for the independent, tripartite High-Level Groups for EU Policy Innovation.

The Centre is named after one of the most influential and creative thinkers of Enlightenment,
Nicolas de Condorcet, whose ideas on governance, science, gender equality and human rights
were as innovative and forward-thinking as the High-Level Groups are expected to be.

First launched by the European Council’s Presidency in November 2011, the High-Level Groups have since then developed into an original model for brainstorming about paradigm shifts in public policy.

Their tripartite composition (participants from the national and European public sector, private sector and academia) permits confrontation between different perspectives and cross-fertilization of opinions in order to achieve an alignment of visions and consensual recommendations. The use of the Socratic method and the mutual belief in a European Common Good stimulate creativity and serendipity.

Their independence allows them to engineer truly new ideas, free of formal constraints,

and to produce reports to the Council and the Commission which can inspire a new generation of policies to deal more effectively with disruptive challenges that the countries and their Union are facing.

This new platform for the independent tripartite High-Level Groups reflects the expansion

of this original method for open innovation. It is steered by the Joint Committee of Chairpersons

of the various High-Level Groups currently in operation.